While the country has started to see a gradual decline in the number of positive cases for the past three days, the situation seems to worsen in many parts of the North east region of India. Mizoram suffered a heavy blow with 4 Covid deaths yesterday, the highest 24 hr record in the state. As the number of cases grow and more deaths reported, the pandemic is far from over, especially for families of daily wage labourers. One of the deceased, Mrs. B. Lallawmzuali (27 yrs) is the youngest among those who died of Covid 19.  Lallawmzuali, a pregnant mother, was admitted to Zoram Medical College on 19 May, 2021 after she was tested positive. While in the hospital, she gave pre-mature birth to a baby girl on 22 May, 2021 after which she continued to remain unconscious. She was, then, moved to the ICU ward on 30 May, 2021 as her condition deteriorated. She finally succumbed to the disease at 9:30 PM on 4 June, 2021. 


Earlier this year, Lallawmzuali’s husband had gone to Delhi in search of jobs to support his family. Upon hearing the news of his wife’s test result, he managed to come home with financial help from friends and relatives. After he remained under quarantine as per the rules laid down by the state government, he had no choice but to stay with his daughter in the Community Covid Care Centre as she too was tested positive. The funeral took place today at 12:00 pm at Zuangtui where the husband and daughter of the deceased were brought by an ambulance from the Covid Care Centre to have a brief final moment with the corpse.


The tragic story of the family has left almost everyone in tears. Donations have start to pour in to show support to husband of the deceased, who is left with a 4 year old daughter and a 1 week old baby. 


Mr. Hmingthanzuala (34 yrs) is another victim who succumbed to the disease on 4 June, 2021. The deceased, an active and important member of the youth fellowship in Dawrpui, was admitted to Zoram Medical College on 19 May, 2021. Mr. Lalremsiama (44 yrs,1), a resident of Sairang, also died on the same day at around 12:30 AM. The deceased had been diagnosed with diabetes which caused further complications in his treatment.  Mrs. Lalchhanhimi (69 yrs,1), also succumbed to the disease at 7:10 PM on the same day. Mrs Lalchhanhimi is a resident of Saron Veng, one of the worst hit localities in Mizoram. Mr. Anil Kumar Rai (55 yrs,1), a security guard at Lengpui Airport, died at 9:55 AM after staying in Zoram Medical College for almost a month. 


Currently, the total number of active cases in Mizoram stands at 3,316 and 52 deaths recorded. These are alarming numbers considering th total population of the small state. As the number of Covid death increases, the public is now stricken with fear and stress more than ever and many are voicing concerns about the effectiveness of the state- wide total lockdown which has been going on for a month till today.