Mizoram, on 21.05.2021, reported a spike of 288 new Covid-19 in the last 24 hrs, according to the data released by DIPR, which is the highest 24- hour record in the state. As cases rise, the total lockdown is currently shaking the financial status of the people, especially the daily wage labourers. With more than 10 containment zones in Aizawl district alone, atleast a quarter of the residents in almost every locality are under home quarantine. As the beds in the state- run facilities failed to remain empty for even a day, several localities have set up their own community funded centres called Community Covid Care Center (4C) under the supervision of the local level task force.  

Though the state government has made a public announcement of the promise of Rs. 91.5 lakhs to be released from the Covid relief fund to aid the financial problem of the people, hard cash for immediate use is needed to run the community funded Covid care centres, to manage the local task force and to help out families with rations and food supplies. 

The bright side to this raging pandemic is that we continue to witness the goodness that humanity is blessed with. The determined efforts of frontline workers and the public resolve to fight against this invisible enemy have encouraged many people, and even children to part with their savings, salaries and pocket money to the Covid relief fund or to the Local Level Task Force. In Mizoram, while there is shortage in vaccine and medical facilities, there is also an impressive supply of ordinary citizens, private companies and church organizations taking their own initiatives to mitigate the crisis. 

More people than ever before have dipped deeper into their own pockets to offer needed relief in the fight against Covid- 19 and among these are young kids who proved that age does not matter when it comes to charity work.  Many parents have taken the pandemic as an opportunity to help children learn about the joy of giving and the importance of reaching out to other in unprecedented times like these. They have allowed their children to witness turning the pain and grief of unimaginable loss into a time of extending love and compassion to unknown people. 

And in just about every person’s budget, there’s room for some charitable giving.

Pic : Lalrampari & Lallawmkima,
Salem Veng, Aizawl, Mizoram

Two siblings Lalrampari and Lallawmkima from Salem Veng have been filling up their piggy banks for several months by collecting unwanted plastic bottles and selling them to vendors. Earlier this week, the two siblings handed over their piggy bank containing Rs. 2,100 which they have been saving from selling used bottles to the Local Task Force of Salem Veng. The story of the kind act of the two siblings have gone viral on social media and is melting hearts. 

Pic: Daniel Vanlalrinawma, Hualngohmun, Mizoram

Daniel Vanlalrinawma, an 11 year old boy from Hualngohmun, is another kind-hearted donor who happily donated Rs.885 from his savings to Hualngohmun Local Task Force. The heart warming part about these stories is that the donated cash comes in the form of hundreds of 2 and 5 rupee coins, folded 10 rupee notes which the kinds have been saving up for months and years.  

Pic: Hayley Lalmalsawmi, Bungkawn, Aizawl, Mizoram

Hayley Lalmalsawmi (7 yrs) is another kid with a heart of gold who decided to open her piggybank and donated Rs. 1,750 to Bungkawn Local level task Force. 

Pic: Noel Lalnunkimi & Lalthlamuanpuia, Ramhlun South, Aizawl, Mizoram

Ramhlun South is one of the worst affected areas in Aizawl district with 47 recorded active cases as on 21.05.2021. The locality has set up their own Community Covid Care Centre (4C) where patients with zero to mild symptoms are admitted. The center is currently run by the Local Level Task Force, funded solely by donations from the local residents. On 21.05.2021, Noel Lalnunkimi (7 yrs) and Lalthlamuanpuia (5 yrs) donated their savings of Rs. 1,503 to help run the Community Covid Care Centre.

Pic: Danny Lalnuntluanga, Ramthar, Lunglei, Mizoram

Danny Lalnuntluanga, a 7 yr old boy from Ramthar Lunglei, also opened his piggybank and headed straight to the Village Level task Force office and donated all his savings to the VLTF. A video of the VLTF members counting the coins from Danny’s saving has gone viral on social media.  

Pic: Grace Ralte, Bawngkawn South, Aizawl, Mizoram

The list of young donors is more, and these young kids are invaluable proof that age nor the amount does not matter when it comes to charity work.  Grace Ralte (2 yrs,1), a resident of Bawngkawn South, is the youngest donor so far who donated Rs. 2,000 from her piggybank to Bawngkawn South Local Task Force. 

These contributions may seem small in comparison to the donations made by companies, churches and prominent families in the society. But the noble intentions of these children and the dedication of their parents to instill a sense of generosity in their kids have warmed many hearts and they serve as precious reminder of the fact that the art of giving and charity is still very much alive and will be continued by these young donors.