In an emergency meeting held today at Champhai YMA Sub- Headquarters Office at Tlangrawt, Champhai District Joint NGO Office Bearers made an official statement asking the government to retract the transfer order of Champhai DC Maria CT Zuali to the post of Additional Secretary FCS&CA/ Planning &Prog. Implementation. The meeting also concluded that if the state government fails to tend to their request before 18th January, further measures will be taken. The meeting was attended by representatives from Champhai Dist. NGO-CC, Sub-Hqrs. YMA, MHIP Sub-Hq. Champhai, MZP Hqrs.Champhai, Champhai Ṭhalai Pawl Hqrs, MUP Sub-Hqrs. Champhai, MZI Sub-Hqrs. Champhai and Champhai Nature Conservancy.

After the meeting, the attendees burnt the transfer order letter to symbolise their stance against the transfer order.