The Human Resources Development Board meeting held yesterday has agreed to make guidelines for all governments schools to follow only one school uniform. In the meeting presided by Lalchhandama, Minister of School Education, the board decide that the suggestion for one school uniform for all government schools should be relayed immediately to the government authorities. Another significant matter discussed at the meeting was regarding the singing of "Aw, Nang kan Lal kan Pathian" composed by Rokunga which the Board decided that should be made compulsory to sing in school assemblies once the SOP permits. 

 In the meeting, the Minister states that the HRD board has been actively working amidst the pandemic. He reported that even though the pandemic made it difficult to create employment opportunities, the Board has made requests have been made to the Chief Minister to make recruitment to make up for the shortage of teachers in several institutions. He also added for this purpose, an amount of Rs. 157 lakh has been received for the recruitment of High School teachers within the Academic Session of 2021-2022. An additional fund of Rs. 53 lakhs was also sanctioned to make up for the insufficient funds for recruitment of teachers . According to the Minister's report, an amount of Rs. 390 lakhs has also been received for the 2022-2023 academic session for the recruitment of 199 High School Teachers, 67 Middle School Teachers,191 Primary School Teachers,36 LDC staffs for High School Exam Centres and 27 Grade-IV workers.