The arrestment of 52000 illegally imported cigarette packets worth Rs. 26 lakhs by the Legal Metrology Department, Champhai was destroyed under the order of Controller of Legal Metrology along with the hearing of the District Magistrate today. The goods were destroyed within the compound of the Legal Metrology Office, at Champhai Vengsang.

Mr. Lalnunfela Chawngthu, Sub - Divisional Magistrate and representative of the District Magistrate delivered a short speech on the hazards of tobacco and how it has affected the Mizo community. He also advised the public to abstain from it especially in public places as it is exceedingly harmful to the mental and physical well being. With India being the only country leading producer of tobacco industry, it has affected the imports tremendously by evading taxes. He applauded the Legal Metrology Department, the Anti-tobacco Squad, the Police, the Excise and the Taxation Department for their actions on arresting a harmful and unrecognised illegal import and export cigarettes. 

 A short service was conducted by Mr. V. Lalfakzuala Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology, Champhai who gave a brief report on the rules and regulations of ‘Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 and ‘The Legal Metrology Act’ 2009, given that anyone who violates this law would be arrested .He stated that with the alliance of the District Anti-tobacco squad, Police, Excise , a Squad Drive has been organised to raid and arrest and has been functioning for years. According to this report, Illegal cigarette consumers have not paid any tax and no official declaration has been made . Arrestments were made to these people because it has severely affected the law abiding cigarette consumers since they have not paid any Goods and Services Taxes(GST) and Central Excise’s duties. 

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Lallawmkima DIPRO, Legal Metrology, Department staffs and members from the Young Mizo Association and journalists.