After the recent incident at Vairengte, Assam and Mizoram issued a joint statement with a resolution to maintain peace in the inter- state border region. Assam ministers, Atul Bora and Ashok Singhal and Mizoram representatives, Lalchamliana and Vanlalngaihsaka, sat down for a joint meeting on 4 August, 2021 to discuss the border issue. The joint meeting agreed to the solution put forward by the MHA to deploy neutral force from the Central Government. The two states also agreed to maintain peace in the inter-state border areas and work towards peaceful and diplomatic solutions.

“Both the State Governments agree to maintain peace in the inter-state border areas and welcomed deployment of neutral force by the Government of India in this regard. For this purpose, both the States shall not send their respective Forest and Police forces for patrolling, domination, enforcement or for fresh deployment to any of the areas where confrontation and conflict has taken place between the Police forces of the two states during recent times,” the JoinT Statement read. The areas of conflict mentioned in the statement include the districts of Karimganj, Hailakandi, Cachar in Assam and Mamit and Kolasib districts in Mizoram. The two governments also agreed to “take all necessary measures to promote, preserve and maintain peace” in the border areas.

However, the much anticipated official meeting between the two states and the joint statement issued have no mention of immediate practical measure, particularly the current crisis faced by the people of Mizoram on account of the economic blockade imposed by Assam. Currently, this seems to be the major concern of the Mizo community regarding the border crisis. The economic blockade is also the most prevalent topic addressed and questioned by journalists and media houses since the past few days. Official letters have been sent to the Central Government by the government of Mizoram and a PIL filed by the Mizoram Bar Association but Assam and the Central government remain silent on the matter.