Yesterday, a group of 50 Assam policemen and several civilians entered Zophai area in Bairabi, Mizoram. The incident took place at around 11:00 AM yesterday after which the local residents of Bairabi notified the authorities. 

Dr. H. Lalthlangliana, Kolasib DC quickly took action and notified Hailakandi DC that he would send Mizoram police personnels if they do not retreat back. Recently, Kolasib DC and Hailakandi DC had made verbal agreement to work together to maintain the peace status around the border region. Dr. H. Lalthlangliana expressed his disappointment regarding this illegal encroachment which took place just a few days after their agreement to work for peace in the area. 

According to reports, the group retreated from Zophai area after an hour on hearing the warning from Kolasib DC. The group claimed to have entered Zophai to inspect and check the area after hearing reports about the land being tilled for cultivation. Local residents of Zophai have also reported that the farmlands in the region need to be tended attentively for protection from miscreants crossing the border.