According to Mr. L. Thangmawia, Vice Chairman of the Human Resources Board, the Mizo Language Development Board (Draft) Bill will be introduced in the forthcoming Assembly Budget Session.

Yesterday, Mr. L. Thangmawia sat down for a meeting with leaders of Mizo Academy of letters (MAL), Mizo Writer’s Association (MWA), Mizo Grammar Society (MGS), and Mizo Poetry Society and notified this plan in his office. Mr. Zoramthanga, Chief Minister stated that since the formation of the state government in Mizoram, they have been focusing on a plan for the preservation and advancement of the Mizo language. In respect to this, Mr. L. Thangmawia expressed that with the leadership of Mr. Lalchhandama Ralte, Minister of School Education and Chairman of Human Resources Development, they have put in maximum effort in following up this plan .He added that it is obligatory to establish the Mizo Language Development Board and with the help of other associations and scholars, th draft will be introduced in the Assembly with a hope for positive outcomes. 

 "Having the Mizo Language Development Plan can be a dividing force and a unifying force for the Mizo community at the same time, which is why it is crucial to take careful measures in its implementation," said Mr. Thangmawia. He also added that more attention has to paid on the value of other Mizo tribes and their dialects.