WBC Youth Champion and India's No.4, Sangtea Tlau defeated Nigerian boxer Illia Beruashvili at Dubai Fight Night on October 23, 2021, marking a significant progress in Mizo boxing. 

After this, Sangtea continues to create historic milestone not just in Mizo boxing world but on the national level. He became the first among Indian boxers to have an official financial share from Pay Per View. Sangtea received 10% from Pay Per View and from sponsors. 

Along with this, Zonet Cable TV handed over its entire 15% share worth Rs. 1,20,750/- to the Mizo boxer. The total amount Sangtea bagged from this fight comes to a total of Rs. 2,15,150/-. Zonet has been the constant supporting stone for the Mizo boxer right from the early stages of the Dubai fight.