MYC Chairman Dr. Vanlaltanpuia announced in an official tweet that Mizoram Youth Commission has signed a maintenance contract with Lailen Pvt Ltd. for an online job portal ''. The portal serves as a platform which caters to the demand and supply of domestic job transactions in Mizoram.

MYC "Hna Inpui" is a job portal maintained and operated by Mizoram Youth Commission to facilitate both the job seekers (full-time & contract) as well as the employers who seek service from professionals. The portal and the mobile application are developed by Lailen Pvt Ltd., an IT consulting and software development agency in Mizoram.  The company gained national recognition last year when they developed Sulhnu, a contactless visitor tracking mobile application to reduce physical contact during the pandemic. 

The job portal "Hna Inpui" was launched in October 2020 with an aim to reduce unemployment problem in the state and to provide easier access for job seekers.