Social activist group "Mizoram First" has filed a complaint against Chief Minister Zoramthanga and hold him responsible for malpractice regarding the appointment of contract work for the renovation of Lengpui Airport. Mizoram First has lodged a complaint to Mizoram Lokayukta under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 against the Chief Minister on several charges such as violating the Indian Article 14 , nepotism , abusement of power as Minister of Public Work Department, violating the guidelines made by Vigilance Commission and breaching the Rule 162 of General Financial Rules (GFR), 2017. 

     The group also stated that for the renovation of the Airport, the appointed contract work was given to M/s Zoramchhana and M/s KR Construction development (Kamlova Chhangte / Kamrul Islam Laskar as the owner). They have been charged of violating the law for inviting three restricted tenders as the law requires more than three restricted tenders for the procurement of the contract.

       Public Work Department explained that they have gained access to restricted tender since the job requires a specialized equipment and the job needs requires immediate action. Despite this explanation, Mizoram First argues that since only three planes took off at Lengpui Airport daily and carries an average of 700-900 passengers, their reasons for an immediate action proves to be invalid. The group also claimed that there have been no evidence that the contractors possessed the specialized machinery/equipment stemming from the fact that the construction collapsed even before their work has been completed. "Wrongful use of restricted tender on the part of the Mizoram Government,due to their biased judgment for some people have wiped off the equal rights implemented by the Article 14 of the Constitution of India and separates them”, stated Mizoram First. 

 Mizoram First also stated that all of these proved that there has been an extreme case of violation and nepotism and requested the Mizoram Lokayukta that an investigation should be made against the Chief Minister whom they hold responsible for the malpractice.