Two vacant houses located in the Mizoram- Assam border have been burnt to the ground by unknown miscreants. No casualty has been reported. While investigation is being carried out by the police, the incident has revived the tension between the two states which have been mildly suppressed since the border crisis which flared up last October. Assam points out that the incident has been caused by “miscreants from Mizoram” while officials from Mizoram accused illegal immigrants from Bangladesh for the incident. 

Mr. Vanlalfaka, the SP of Kolasib District, Mizoram, reported that the location of the two houses falls under the vicinity of Zophai, Mizoram near the town of Bairabi. He believes that the fire was caused by the Bangladeshi immigrants with an intention to flare up another conflict between the two states.    

The inter- state border between Assam and Mizoram has always been a controversial issue, deeply influenced by the complicated political history of the two states. In October 2020, tension between the two states flared up which resulted in the burning of houses in Mizoram’s side of the border and violent physical clash between the two groups. Peace talks were held between the two state officials which helped little in resolving the conflict. 

A case has been registered at the Bairabi police station regarding the recent fire incident, and the police are taking strong measures to find the culprit.