Vehicle owners and trade unions in Champhai district have sent an official letter to Chief Minister Zoramthanga, demanding the resignation of Champhai Deputy Commissioner, Maria CT Zuali. 

The subject of the joint letter has been stated as " Request for the Preservation of Champhai Border Trade" where representatives from 5 vehicle owners' association and the Border Trade Union within Champhai district undersigned the letter. These association members have requested the Chief Minister to intervene in the DC's ongoing campaign against illegal border trade within Champhai District.

In the letter, members of the said associations and union stated that many families have been financially dependant on the border trade and that recent laws and regulations passed by the DC have greatly hampered their work and financial income. The letter include a demand for the resignation of the current Deputy Commissioner, Champhai District from her post. The joint letter was undersigned by representatives from Champhai Truck Owners' Association (CTOA), Mizoram Truck Owners' Association (MTOA Champhai Sub- Headquarters), 407 Truck Owners' Association Champhai, Champhai District Tripper Owners' Association, 207 Owners' Association, CDLEP and Champhai District Border Trade Union.