Smuggling of areca nuts, the drug trade, guns and other illegal businesses. Champhai district has become a popular hub for smuggling activities and other illegal businesses. YMA, Assam Rifles, Excise & Narcotics Department and other NGOs have taken countless counter measures to combat the growing illegal activities in the district, but it is getting worse.

In an official order issued from the office of the Deputy Commissioner Champhai District, the District Magistrate Maria CT Zuali stated that restrictions will be tightened regarding to combat the rampant smuggling of areca nuts and other illegal businesses. The order also mentions that metalled roads in Champhai district have suffered severe damage on account of the heavy trucks carrying areca nuts. These vehicles have also hampered the construction of new roads. This has become a serious issue and hundreds of complaints have been filed regarding the matter.

Entry of vehicles carrying illegal items in Champhai District is now strictly prohibited. Perpetrators will be punished according to IPC Section 188. The order also requests the support of every Village Council in the district to ensure that the order is not violated.