After months of pleading from citizens, the Prime Minister of India has finally spoken up about the civil unrest in Manipur. The PM in his statement ahead of the Monsoon Session of Parliament said the incident in Manipur was "shameful for any civilised society" and a humiliation for the 140 crore Indians, that what happened to Manipur's daughters was unforgivable and assured the nation that no guilty person shall be spared. The PM also urged all Chief Ministers to reinforce law and order in their respective states, to ensure the safety of the womenfolk. 


An FIR filed by the Vaiphei Chief of B.Phainom Village has also gone viral along with the video. In his letter, Thangboi Vaiphei reports an attack on his village by hundreds of armed miscreants suspected to be members of Meitei Youth Organisations, Meetei Leepun, Kangleipak Kanba Lup (KKL), Arambai Tenggol and World Meitei Council (WMC) and Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee (STDC) who looted, vandalised and burned their houses. 


The FIR mentions that several villagers that fled to the forests were kidnapped by the mob on their way back to the police station. Mr Soitinkham Vaiphei (56) was murdered on the spot. Three women were forced to strip naked. Miss Thiamthianhoi Vaiphei (21), daughter of the man they'd just murdered, was gang raped in front of the others. Mr. Nengkhulon Vaiphei (19), brother of Miss Thiamthianthoi was killed while trying to defend his sister's honour. 


The FIR was filed in May, 2023.