Once again BTS fans in Mizoram have shown that the boy group is not just about chart topping hits but having humanitarian impact on society. 

Mizo BTS Army, one of the largest and most active fanbase among K-pop fans in Mizoram, celebrated the boy group member Park Ji-min’s birthday yesterday when the singer turned 26. Mizo BTS Army raised over thousands in cash which were donated to homes and hospitals. Under the Jimin Birthday Project, different initiatives were taken up by Army members to celebrate the idol’s birthday. A total of Rs.20,000 was collected from fans all over the state which was then distributed to 6 patients in Civil Hospital ICU. In a post on their Instagram page, Mizoram army fanpage mentioned that the project was taken up while keeping in mind the many people who are facing financial difficulty in paying hospital bills during the pandemic. Another Army group called ‘BTS & Mizo Army’ made cash donation to Peace Home, an orphanage centre managed by FIWDC at Durtlang, Aizawl. The celebration did not just end in Aizawl. BTS fans in Lunglei have also taken the initiative of planting trees to mark Jimin’s birthday. Mizo Army also collected Rs. 25,300/- to mark the birthdays of three group members NamJiKook which will be donated to 'Samaritan Riangvai Run', an orphanage in Seling, Mizoram. 

This is not the first time that Army in Mizoram has done something like this to mark the brithdays of group members. Last month, Lawngtlai and Serchhip BTS Army made significant donations to Covid Care Centre in their area on the occasion of BTS leader RM’s birthday while BTS Army in Champhai and Aizawl organized a blood donation camp where 38 fans donated blood in celebration of RM’s birthday.   

The fans of the record- breaking South Korean pop group have been making national and international headlines with their contribution to social work and other humanitarian causes. Earlier this year, BTS Army in India raised more than 2 million rupees in a single day for its #CovidReliefFroIndia campaign. These funds were donated to support community kitchens that serve Covid-19 patients and free oxygen and medical aid suppliers. 

Fans taking up such projects is not surprising considering the philanthropic efforts and charity donations administered by the group members of BTS. They are not only known for chart topping hits, but also for their long-time involvement in charitable causes. The group and its members have made massive contributions to various causes for humanitarian emergencies, youth empowerment, marginalized communities and natural disasters. Their donations to different charity groups have inspired their ARMY to donate to UNICEF, NGOs and different groups all over the world.