As the partial lockdown continues in the state of Mizoram with economic activities resuming their pace, the number of positive cases remains at an unfavourable mark as cases continue to rise steadily.

Mizoram reports a total of 1731 positive cases this morning, a new record since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. The new record brought the total number of positive cases in the state to a staggering 15140. 

Out of the 1731 new cases, 807 are reported to be symptomatic while 823 are asymptomatic and 101 cases remain unknown. 457 samples were tested using RT-PCR at ZMC lab, 1226 samples with RAgt while 26 samples were tested with TrueNAT and 22 with FIA.

There has been heated debates on social media platforms and newspaper articles regarding the heavy use of Rapid Antigen Test in the state which many studies have claimed to be unreliable. There have been instances where the RagT has shown false positive and false negative results.