Following the decision passed by Champhai District Joint NGO Office Bearers meeting on 14 January 2021, the Joint NGO has made a resolution to boycott the upcoming Republic Day and organize a district- wide Total Bandh. 

On 14 January, the meeting made an official statement asking the government to retract the transfer order of Champhai DC Maria CT Zuali to the post of Additional Secretary FCS&CA/ Planning &Prog. Implementation. The meeting concluded that if the state government fails to tend to their request before 18th January, further measures will be taken. However, the state government has been silent on the matter as a result of which the Champhai District Joint NGO representatives sat for another meeting today where they decided to boycott the Republic Day. On 21 January, all shops in Champhai will be closed and on 24 January, a protest march will be organized, followed by the closing of all government offices the next day. A total bandh has been scheduled for 26 January, and the Republic Day will be boycotted. 

The meeting statement also mentioned that further actions will be taken if the government chose to remain silent regarding the transfer issue. 

The Joint NGO also stressed on the fact that such drastic action is required not simply because of the shocking transfer order of the DC but as an important step towards fighting against the growing smuggling business in and around Champhai District.