In a demand for retracting the transfer order of Champhai DC Maria CT Zuali and to protest against the growing illegal areca nut business in the state, Champhai District NGO Co-ordination Committee organised a mass protest where hundreds of people marched through the streets of Champhai. From old men shouting slogans at the top of their lungs, passionate youths holding posters and cardboard cutouts to children in school uniform, the strong call for justice and truth rang throughout the city today. 

Meanwhile, the largest and most prominent NGO in the district, Champhai Sub- Hqrs YMA has pulled off from the committee after making an official statement that the NGO will no longer be part of the Coordination Committee.

On Friday, following the instructions of the NGO Co-ordination Committee, all shops in Champhai were closed to protest against the transfer order. Two weeks ago, the joint NGO has made an official request to the state government to retract the transfer order before January 18 and they have also laid out a clear action plan to be followed if the government pay no heed to the request. With no word from the government till today, the closing of shop and the mass march have been organized, which will be followed by boycotting of the Republic Day and organizing a total bandh if the government still remains silent on the matter.