At around 9:00AM this morning, the Presbyterian Church at Republic Veng, Aizawl was vandalized by one of the church members, Lalremliana (21 yrs) who was immediately taken into custody by the police. 

This came as a shocking incident, especially in a state like Mizoram where the church is the most dominant social institution. Churches and church related properties are cared for with respect and reverence. 

The vandal, Lalremliana, took out the sound mixer from the church and flung it on the ground, causing complete damage. Bibles, hymnal books and other properties inside the church were also thrown out in the church courtyard. He was stopped by church caretakers and others before he could cause more serious damage. 

According to reports and a video footage which has been circulating around social media, Lalremliana claims that the act was not done out of his own will and that he was simply following instructions he received from God. Local church members reported that Lalremliana is a new member of the church who has been in the locality for only few months.

Republic veng Presbyterian Church is one of the most iconic churches in the state and is set to host the Synod Assembly in December.