TBC Lallawmawma (28), a resident of Tuirial, after extensive interrogation by the Bawngkawn Police, has confessed to being the person responsible for the tank lorry fire that killed 4 people and injured atleast 17 others, 7 of whom later succumbed to their injuries. 

As per sources, Bawngkawn Police were tipped off by a reliable witness who claimed to have seen the perpetrator with the lighter and then later running away towards Tuirial.

Lallawmawma, in his confession, claimed that he had gone to siphon gas from the overturned lorry but could only manage to fill one bottle. In his frustration, he lit his bottle on fire and threw it away, causing the fire to break out. 

He claims he'd even attempted suicide out of guilt, after finding out people had died but was thwarted by his wife and friend.