In a Joint Meeting held earlier this evening, leaders of various student unions of the State (MZP, MSU, Hnampual Zirlai Pawl and College Students Unions) have decided to stage a mass protest in front of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat building at 8.30 AM on July 7, 2023 (Friday) if their plea continues to be ignored. 

The students unions had previously urged the Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat to cancel its latest appointments (for the posts of Translator, Assistant, UDC and LDC), citing the involvement of unfair favouritism and blatant nepotism in the recruitment process.

The Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat issued a press statement today, stating that the job recruitment was conducted according to the Recruitment and Conditions of Service Rules amended in 1995, and that advertisements were published in newspapers, Mizo Aw and Dingdi. 

According to Article 187 of the Constitution of India, each House of Legislature of a State should have a separate secretarial staff and recruitment of posts falls under the responsibility of the Legislature.

The Secretariat states that cancelling the appointments would be unwise, since the candidates underwent proper recruitment process and the Secretariat would lose if the candidates were to take them to Court.