Official representatives of the Federation of Mizoram Government Employees & Workers (FMGE &W) sat down for a meeting with Chief Minister Zoramthanga on 7 January, 2022 where they stated their grievances regarding the delay in salary payment.

Government servants have been facing constant salary delays since the past year and this has affected many families in the state. Group A and B officers have not received their salary since December 2021.

In the meeting with the state CM, officials from FMGS &W stated that in February 2021, the Supreme Court has passed a judgement stating that government servants should be paid on time without delay and in the case of any delay in payment, the salary must be paid with interest. Apart from the many financial hardships caused by the salary delay, the representatives also made a request to the Chief Minister to increase their Dearness Allowance (DA) as stated in the pay rules. Pension related problems were also addressed in the meeting where the representatives mentioned that hundreds of recently retired government servants have not been able to enjoy their pension benefits. 

On account of Covid19, the state government has been facing financial difficulties which in turn affected the salary of government servants. FMGE& W members have made several financial contributions to the CM Relief Fund in the past year where every government employee contributed his/her one day salary to the CM Relief Fund.