As many as 528 new Covid 19 positive cases have been detected today at TNT, an orphanage home and rehabilitation centre run by Dr. Sangthankima at the locality of Zuangtui, Aizawl. 989 out of the 1500 residents were tested today. This records the highest ever new Covid 19 case in Mizoram since the pandemic outbreak last year. 

According to sources, one of the residents of TNT was taken to the hospital by one of the caregivers. After a quick Ragt test, the resident showed negative result while the caregiver was tested positive. The caregiver is a resident of Kanaan Veng locality and was immediately admitted to the locality’s Community Covid Care Centre. After the required contact tracing was done, the test samples of all the primary and secodnary contacts of the caregiver showed negative results and the officials at TNT felt that there was nothing to be worried about. After a few weeks, it was found out that the residents who have finished their rehabilitation course at the Centre, when tested as per protocol, were all tested positive upon reaching their own homes. The officials at the Centre immediately rang up the Health Minister, Dr. R. Lalthangliana this morning and informed him about the situation after which actions were immediately taken for a mass sample testing. Dr. Thiamsanga, Chairman of the Covid 19 Medical Operational team, and Dr. Pachuau Lalmalsawma, along with doctors and nurses from different private hospitals rushed to the Centre in the morning.


There are around 1300 residents at TNT, including workers and caregivers. The Centre fucntions as an orphanage and a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. The Centre has always been the home of many abandoned children and teenagers with alcohol and substance abuse problem.  It is well- equipped with a clinic, school, sport facilities, a chapel and vocational schools for the residents.  Thousands of patients have left the Centre with full recovery while many continued to work at the Centre. The founder Dr. Sangthankima is currently on a visit to Kolasib center and has been informed about the situation. 

Dr. Thiamsanga reported that immediate measures are taken to convert TNT into a Covid Care Centre and declared as a Containment Zone.