Leaders of Mizoram Underground Returnees Association (MURA) sat for a meeting with Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati at his residence today. The meeting was attended by PC Lalthuama, President, R.Vanlalvena, General Secretary and other executive members of MURA.

MURA leaders stated their grievances to the Governor regarding their exclusion from the welfare schemes under the Peace Accord. They request the Governor's intervention to avail the privileges under the welfare schemes. 

MURA members are underground returnees who left or were forced to leave the underground movement before the signing of the Mizo Peace Accord in 1986. Meanwhile, another underground returnees group called Peace Accord MNF Returnees Association (PAMRA) members enjoy full privileges under the Peace Accord welfare schemes. MURA, therefore, requests that they also be included under the Peace Accord scheme. 

The Governor agreed to address the matter and promised to provide financial assistance to the families of MURA members.