The 73rd YMA General Conference was held at R. Dengthuama Indoor Stadium at Mualpui today. The conference was attended by 1484 delegates from all over the state. Election of new office bearers for the term 2022-2023 was held where six new OBs were elected by the delegates. The newly elected YMA Office Bearers are: 

President: R. Lalngheta

Vice President: Lalhmachhuana

Secretary: Prof Lalnuntluanga

Treasurer: Fabian Lalfakawma

Fin. Secy: Roneihthanga

Young Mizo Association is the largest NGO in Mizoram and plays ac active role in the social and cultural life of the Mizo community. In this year's general conference, several important agendas were passed by the delegates such as resolving border issues, inclusion of Mizo cultural dances in school curriculum, etc. The 74th General Conference will be held at Churachandpur, Manipur.