The first Mizo movie streaming platform, Lersia Play , is all set to bring back the Mizo classic movie House No. 109 from 2002 in a remastered version. The movie still remains one of the most celebrated production in the Mizo movie industry.

Directed by Mapuia Chongthu of Leitlang Pictures, House No.109 was a big hit when it was first released in 2002. The movie tells the thrilling escape journey of three convicts who forced themselves into the house of a certain family. As the escapees took control of the house, a mother and her daughter are being held in a hostage situation. The story develops into an interesting tale of romance between one of the convicts and the daughter while presenting the question of morality and redemption.

The Mizo movie industry is progressing into new territories with new and improved technology and skills. Along with this, there is also a growing interest among consumers for local production as huge improvements can be seen in terms of script writing, acting and technical aspects of  Mizo movies production.