While Mizoram is fighting the pandemic with all its resources available at hand, the Assam Rifles who  called themselves "Friends of the Hill People" have managed to double the trouble for the Mizo people amidst the growing positive case in the State.

On 18.08.2020, a truck full of security personnels from the Assam Rifles forcefully entered the borders of Mizoram, refusing to comply with the entry protocol at the border medical check point which, according to the state govt, must be passed through by anyone entering the state borders.

The Assam Rifles has also strongly accused the Mizoram government of violating MHA directions by denying entry to military and paramilitary forces into the state. As security forces, they ought to know that this irresponsible act has seriously compromised the safety of the people and negated the sincere efforts of the state government to contain the spread of Covid-19. When it is an utmost neccesity to stand together and when cooperation, not just as a society but as a state, as a nation, is most crucial to fight the invisible enemy, the on-going negotiation between the state and Central govt proves to be bias and one-sided. This has clearly turned out to be a case of discrimination of minority groups which we are all too familiar with. Now, the people of Mizoram are not just battling against the deadly disease but against a far more terrifying and sickly "virus" i.e tyranny which has been cultivated by those in power for so many years in this country. There is a fair chance that this will be swept under the rug like many other issues when justice and fair treatment are denied to the ones who need it most. 

Mizoram strongly  demands an apology from the "Friends of the Hill People", and fair justice from the MHA.