The numbers declined for sometime. Shops opened, church bells were heard again. Life was almost back to normal. So we thought.

The second wave of Covid- 19 hit Mizoram in early April and once again, restrictions had to be imposed on the daily life of the people. Students outside the state rushed home as positive cases increased in the big cities, educational institutions returned to the online mode and the church doors are closed once again. However, amidst the fear and chaos brought by the return of the virus which medical experts claimed to be stronger and more dangerous, the Mizo community is blessed with the news that in spite of the rising positive case, humanity still proves itself to be strong in the face of adversities.

A young girl name CT Ramnunmawii, a resident of Champhai, returned from Delhi and was unfortunately tested positive for Covid- 19. She was under care in the state government allotted Covid Care Centre for several days and she finally recovered. Before she left the Centre, she happened to hear the news of a 93 year old Covid patient whose family members were  under quarantine and was left without a caretaker. Ms Ramnunmawii surprised everyone at the Centre when she volunteered herself to take care of the elderly patient and cancelled her plan to go home to her family. Sitting by the bedside of the Covid patient, Ramnunmawii commented that she was determined to stay on with the patient when she heard the old lady crying for her family members. This encouraged her to stay on with the patient until she gets better again. This selfless act of the brave young lady touched many hearts and she is truly a valuable reminder of the goodness that defines humanity in times like this.

Meanwhile, all the localities in Aizawl witnessed young people volunteering once again to serve in the Local Task Force, a unique measure which set apart Mizoram from the rest of the country during last year’s battle against Covid-19. With threatening news about the danger of the second wave, these Mizo youngsters willingly stepped up again to serve their respective localities during the lockdown.  The Local Task Force attracted the attention of the national media during the peak of the nationwide fight against Covid-19 as the noble act of volunteering oneself for the community while everyone is taking the best possible preventive measures to stay away from people is not a common occurrence.

The state government is taking all possible measures to keep the numbers down by taking extra precautions in containment zones, particularly in the urban and municipal areas. The Mizo communitarian lifestyle and the unity of the people will once again be one of the most effective defense system in this battle against the second wave of Covid-19