Pu Lalnunmawia (1935 - 1973) was one of the most prominent Mizo freedom fighters and was Vice President of the MNF from 1963 and was briefly handed charge of the office of President during Pu Laldenga's stay in East Pakistan (1966 - 1969). Dissension among the ranks would later have him hand in his resignation from the party and from his post in August 20, 1969. Even after his resignation, he stayed on in East Pakistan to continue fighting for freedom. 


He was then arrested with several others branded, "A Dumpawl" on May 13,1971 on accusations of integrating with India and was incarcerated until December 16,1971 when Pakistan lost the Bangladesh Liberation War. (E/N: The MNF was allied to Pakistan at the time and consensus among the arrested lot was it was wiser to not be caught in the middle of a war between two big nations.) 


Pu Lalnunmawia continued to work earnestly and steadfastly for his people, for a future that would not require continuous bloodshed of the youth. 

He was assaulted and murdered by three men, while he was tending to his ailing wife at Aizawl Civil Hospital on June 25,1973.


The trilogy, published by Fraser Media & Publication, mostly contains Pu Lalnunmawia's personal diary entries, edited and compiled by C. Vanlalauva and F. Vanlalrochana and has neatly been categorised into:-

Book 1 : Zalenna Chauh (1967 - 1968)

Book 2 : East Pakistan-ah (1969 - 1970)

Book 3 : 1971