A shocking video of a North East girl brutally tortured and sexually assaulted by two men and one woman have gone viral on social media earlier this evening. The incident is said to have taken place at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. There is no confirmation about the identity of the men in the video but they appear to be men from around the area.

The video shows the girl being forcefully stripped off of her clothes while she screamed in pain and fear. The two men tried to muffle her screams, gagging her mouth while the woman tied her hands with a piece of cloth. The men, then continued to sexually assault her as she cried in pain.

The sheer brutality of the act is painful to watch and the video has stirred alarm among viewers because of the raw brutality of the crime committed by the men. 

This inhumane act has rekindled a familiar fear in the hearts of many girls from North East India who are residing in different parts of mainland India for work and academic purposes. And violence against women in northeast India is not a new incident in the country. Many activists and NGOs have taken steps to secure the safety and well-being of northeast women in mainland cities, but the cases continue.

This inhumane and sadistic act inflicted on the woman is not the first time for women from the region, and some have triggered wide-spread protest in the past. Will this be just another case of a sadistic video gone viral? Or will it be another painful reminder of the tragic plight of women in the country?