After the controversial RT-PCR issue was taken to the High Court on 27- 28 August, 2021, the Gauhati High Court had ordered the Govt.of Mizoram  to take immediate measures required for setting up RT- PCR lab in Lunglei. Since then, the old Tourist Lodge building in Lunglei has been renovated to set up the lab. It has been more than three months since the court order was issued, however, progress has been slow. It has taken almost two years for the Southern district to have the much anticipated lab installed.

With pressure from the crowd funded NGO "RT-PCR for Chhimbial" and the collective voices of the people in Lunglei district, there was talk of organizing a total bandh on account of the slow progress of the state government. However, the state government of Mizoram has declared that a total amount of 30 lakhs have been sanctioned for the installation of the laboratory and that significant developments have been made in the process. The govt.also added that arrangements have been made for training the staffs to be stationed at the lab. 

A joint meeting of different NGOs in Lunglei was held yesterday where issues and concerns regarding the installation of the RT-PCR lab were discussed and addressed. Lawmawma Tochhawng, Lunglei HPC Vice Chairman and Dr. Eric Zomawia, Director of NHM Mision were present at the meeting.