In an astonishing turn of events, the Zoram People's Movement achieved a historic clean sweep in Lunglei town's first Municipal Council Election, leaving zero seats for the ruling party MNF and others (INC and BJP).

The newly elected councillors and their respective wards :

Ward - I : Lalhruaitluangi Sailo, Pukpui.

Ward - II : R. Lalmuanpuii, Serkawn.

Ward - III : Lalzuithanga Khiangte, Bazar Veng.

Ward - IV : R. Lalramzauva, Venglai.

Ward - V : Zonunmawii, Rahsiveng.

Ward - VI : R. Lalremsiama, Electric Veng.

Ward - VII : K. Lalrinawma, Chanmari.

Ward - VIII : K. Malsawmkimi, Ramthar.

Ward - IX : Zorinsanga Hmar, Luanglawn.

Ward - X : Judy Lalhriatpuii, Luangmual.

Ward - XI : Vanlalliana Pachuau, Zobawk South.

The party's leader, Lalduhoma, in his statement, expressed his gratitude to the residents for putting their trust in ZPM. He also remarked that winning the election is only just the beginning, and true victory will come when actual developmental progress is made, and implored to the people to remember that it is the people's government, not just the party's. 

The Zoram People's Movement was founded in 2017 as an alliance movement between seven parties, some of whom would later on leave the alliance when the movement was officially reformed and registered as a political party in 2019.