Today marks the 9th anniversary of what can be counted as one of the most tragic disasters in Mizo history.


On May 11, 2013 the massive landslide at Laipuitlang, a locality in the northern part of the state capital took 17 lives, leaving behind hundreds of casualties. Disaster management teams, rescue teams, state officials and NGOs spent hours and days to make sure that no one gets left behind under the debris. The landslide was reported to have been triggered by a cyclonic storm and heavy pre-monsoon rainfall. A PWD office building which had been vacated about a year ago collapsed under the impact of the landslide and fell on nine houses, claiming 17 precious lives.  

Landslides continue to be a problem for Mizoram till today on account of the complex mountainous terrain and lack of proper city planning.  Last year in June, four children were killed and two others injured as a massive landslide swept away a building in Aizawl. Recently, there was a massive landslide near Keifang village on May 4 following which road connectivity between Aizawl and Champhai in Mizoram has been snapped out. This is a frequent occurrence in Mizoram during the monsoon season. This year, with the monsoon season just making its way into the state, many are gearing up to avoid disasters of this sort with the hope and prayer that incidents like the Laipuitlang tragedy wouldn't be repeated again.