With the increase in Covid-19 patients among the Mizo community in Delhi, the state Government of Mizoram has taken immediate measures to set up care facilities in Mizoram House, Vasant Vihar. Mizoram House has always been the go-to lodging for Mizo visiting the capital for different purposes.

As the number of positive cases  continue to increase at an alarming rate in Delhi with shortage of hospital beds and scarcity of oxygen supply, the Mizo community in the capital has alerted the state government regarding the problems faced by the Mizo residing in Delhi. Chief Minister Zoramthanga and the Health Minister Dr. R. Lalthangliana had a meeeting where they discussed possible solutions regarding the problems faced by the Mizo community in Delhi. 

The decision to equip the Hall in Delhi Mizoram House was announced by the Chief Minister through his official instagram account yesterday. He urged the members of Delhi Mizo Welfare and the state officials and the Mizo medical staffs and doctors in Delhi to take necessary measures to convert the Hall for immediate functioning. 

Officials in charge of Delhi Mizoram House have reported that proper plans have been laid out for this purpose. They are currently waiting for the approval of the GAD Department after which they will start the necessary work. 

The hall in Mizoram House is reported to function not as a full-fledged Covid Care Centre but will provide the basic needs for Mizo Covid-19 patients with financial problems and for those who cannot procure admission to the hospitals in Delhi. The Hall is also said to be under the care and supervision of doctors and medical staffs.