On account of the substantial decrease of  Covid - 19 cases in Mizoram, the state government has decided to  ease few measures without affecting the daily life of people and consumer behaviour. Covid 29 red zones in Aizawl District have been revoked, according to the order issued by Aizawl DC yesterday. All shops and marketplaces will now remain open daily across the state strictly adhering to COVID appropriate behaviour to ensure seamless economic activities.

 According to the new guidelines issued on Friday, all places of worship will now reopen across the state during the day and evening hours with 50 seating capacity. Earlier, places of worship were closed in red zone areas which have a substantial number of COVID-19 cases.

The government has also issued separate orders lifting night curfew and withdrawing red zone classification within the jurisdiction of Aizawl Municipal Corporation. 

However, the public is advised to follow guidelines made by SOP and CAB so as to prevent the spread . Anyone caught breaching the guidelines can be penalised under the regulations of Disaster Management Act, 2005, Section - 34 (b) (c) (m) , Mizoram ( Containment and Prevention of the spread of Covid- 19 ) Act, 2020 and The Mizoram Epidemic Diseases ( CoVID - 19 ) Regulations, 2022 (according to the Annexeure ).