On 12 September 2014, TBZ missionaries in Madhya Pradesh Field were wrongfully accused by Mr. Sunil Prajapat, a resident of Barwaha, who claimed that his house was vandalized by the missionaries and that he was offered Rs. 2,00,000/- to covert to Christianity. 

The unfortunate event and false allegations took place during the Field directorship of Rev. VL Zaithanga. 

Following the allegations, 10 missionaries - Vanlalsawma, K. Lalrotluanga, H. Thangsangliana, Laldinfela, Zonunmawia, Lalnunthari, and Lalṭhazuali, and other 3 local missionaries were imprisoned for four days and four nights. The wives and children of Mr. K. Lalrotluanga were expelled from Barwaha village while Mr. Vanlalsawma's family was provided shelter by their landlady after heavy protest from the villagers. 

Four lawyers B.U. Sheik and Subhas Puranic from Barwaha, Shailendra Dwivedi and Dr. Umesh Manshore of Indore High-court were the lawyers who represented the missionaries in court. The locals in Barwaha bailed out the missionaries after four days in jail and the Alliance Defence Force (ADF) also played significant role in the fight for justice. 

After eight long years of the case and four court hearings, the court finally delivered justice to the Mizo missionaries on 21 February 2022.