As a result of the tireless efforts of Mizoram Police in combatting the smuggling, selling and use of illicit drugs in the state, drugs seized by Champhai Police in 2019-2021were disposed off by the High Level Drugs Disposal Committee under Mizoram Police yesterday. 269.80 kgs of drugs worth over Rs.101 crore were disposed using the incinerator at the Trinity Hospital at Melthum.

The disposed items were 238.90 kgs of Pseudoephedrine worth Rs. 8,68,46,000/- and 30.90 kgs of Methamphetamine valued at Rs. 93,24,30,000/-.

Mizoram DGP Devesh Chandra Srivastva stated that Mizoram Police has taken the prevention of drug trafficking as a a top priority mission and urged the community and church leaders as well as the general public to assist law enforcement agencies in their fight against drugs menace.