Two MBBS students of Zoram Medical College Jeremia PC Lalremliana s/o PC Lianthanga Dinthar Veng Aizawl and C. Lalbiaknunga s/o C. Laldawngliana, Champhai Vengthlang died due to international drowning at Tuirivang at around 4:15 pm in the evening. The tragic incident happened when the two medical students, along with a group of friends, visited the river for recreational purpose.

The bodies of the two victims have been found and the authorities of ZMC have taken the necessary measures to take care of the bodies of the deceased. 

Meanwhile, ZMC has almost reached its full capacity as more Covid-19 patients are admitted daily at an alarming rate. Today, one doctor who is on duty in the non- Covid ward and 7 other staffs have been tested postive for Covid-19. 

Today, Mizoram reports its highest one-day record with 229 new positive case reported from RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen test, bringing the the state record to 986 postive cases.