A frivilous and active user on Twitter with more than 1 million followers, Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma is left baffled by the trending hashtag #shameonassam on Twitter. The CM has been tweeting consistently on Twitter since the outbreak of the violent conflict with Mizoram at Vairengte. 

The twitter storm with the hashtag #shameonassam became the no.1 trending topic on India twitter after K-pop fans helped amplify tweets by retweeting different tweets with the tag #shameonassam. This left many users baffled and confused, including CM Himanta. With tweets popping up from all over the globe, several officials from Assam even suspected the intervention of an unknown third party in the border conflict between the two states. 

However, this kind of global support and topics trending in a span of just a few minutes is a common practice among twitter users. Organizing hashtag events and creating twitter stroms have become a popular form of showing solidarity and support among netizens, especially among K-pop fandoms, who read about it and helped spread the word outside international borders. Assam CM is not the only political firgurehead left confused by the event. K-pop fandoms have played active rule in the previous US election and in other political event around the globe. 

Assam CM tweeted his concern over the matter on his official twitter account stating that the issue is a "very serious matter" and asked "who is behind this?"