Following the recent transfer and posting order of MCS officers, several opposition MLAs, public figures and the youths have voiced their anger and disappointment on social media.

The transfer of Champhai DC, Maria CT Zuali quickly became the talk of the town. An Emergency Meeting for all Champhai NGO Office Bearers has been scheduled for today to discuss the controversial transfer of the DC. Opposition MLA, Dr. Vanlalthlana made several tweets on Twitter where he says, "It is unfortunate to have someone at the top, dancing to the tune of arecanut smugglers. How can he (the CM) turn a blind eye and sacrifice the very livelihood of legal arecanut growers..It also demoralizes the youth." Last night, thousands of unhappy youths vented on Chief Minister Zoramthanga's official Instagram account as a result of which the comment section remains closed till today. Many public figures have also shown their support for Maria CT Zuali, posting messages and artwork directed against the government's transfer order. A number of YMA branches have also made official statements showing their support for the DC and condemning the growing illegal business in Champhai District.